About us


ByGungur is an expression of elegance and grace that blossoms in an ambiance of music, temple, dance, and stage. It is the dream made material of creating wearable pieces of art for those who seek to adorn themselves with beauty and singular style.

Based in Barcelona among the ancient Roman ruins of Dalt la Vila ByGungur is inspired by Asian art and culture, with a particular emphasis on India.  Timeless designs offer you the creativity to style yourself with genuine pieces of art with an infinite number of ways to stand out from the crowd.

Patricia is a multifaceted artist.
A fashion designer with 20 years of experience working in the textile industry, and dancer and teacher of Odissi Indian classical dance. Patricia is the director of the cultural center GUngurArts Barcelona.
Jordi is a musician and
freelance designer
Who forms his professional career around music as a Sarod instrumentalist (the Sarod is a stringed instrument of the lute family). He develops his own business projects in cultural management and industrial design and is the music director of GüngurArtsBarcelona.

Jordi, Freelance musician and designer

Projects his professional career around music as an instrumentalist (Sarod) and develops his own business projects in cultural management and industrial design. Musical director of GüngurArtsBarcelona.


Fashion designer with a trajectory of 20 years working in the textile industry designing for different brands. Dancer and teacher of classical dance India Odissi. Director of the cultural center GüngurArts Barcelona.

After many years working and living together participating in, producing and directing artistic and cultural events they are excited to launch their newest project. Bygüngur


Bygungur is the brand name of Güngur Arts.

GüngurArts (www.gungur.com) is a project founded in 2011 by sisters Patricia and Natalia Salgado. They currently manage the headquarters of Buenos Aires & Barcelona. Güngur’s main objective is to spread the classical art of India in South America and Europe.

Since then they have trained more than 1000 students, organized shows and tours around the world. They are supported by the Ministry of Culture of India and their respective Indian Embassies (Madrid and Buenos Aires).



We create each piece to tell a story and empower users to forge their own. Our designs are not seasonal, do not fit current trends and are not made in large quantities. Versatility and durability are at the forefront of our design process.


We practice slow fashion. This is our essence. We do not have short production deadlines on any of our garments. We release one product at a time when it is complete. We have a sustainable and realistic approach for everyone involved in the design, production and distribution processes.


Bygüngur and GüngurArts are communities of creatives, thinkers, musicians, dancers, yoginis and artists from all over the world who inspire our designs every day. We are deeply proud of this community that decides to bet on our values ​​and join us on this endless journey.
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