Rudraksha mala

Rudraksha mala


Made in India

ByGungur Rudraksha Malas are handmade in India. Made with 54 natural black rudraksha stones plus the guru bead, each one is set by hand in delicate Indian silver.

Rudraksha malas have been used as prayer beads in India for thousands of years. The dried seeds of the Elaeocarpus tree, these stones are associated with Lord Shiva (the name Rudraksha translates to the tears of Shiva). Worn by his devotees, they are said to have a unique vibration that carry his blessings and protection to those who wear them.

Mala beads can be used as a meditation aid to focus the mind through engaging the sense of touch.  Feeling each bead that passes through the fingers not only grounds you it’s also a way to keep track of mantras or prayers and helps to stop the mind wandering. They can be worn as a reminder through the busy day of intentions set in yoga or meditation practice. 

Each Rudraksha mala comes in an organic cotton carry bag decorated with the ByGungur motif, a dancer with hands in Anjali mudra.

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