Anjali Saree Black

Anjali Saree Black


Made in India

The Anajli Saree is the little black dress of the ByGungur collection.

A striking number it can be worn as an Indian classical dance practice saree, to perform in, or for any occasion that demands a sophisticated elegant look. 

Made of 100% cotton the embroidered border features a design motif in red and white inspired by the temples of Orissa, India and of course the Gungur dancer with hands in Anjali mudra.

An emblem of femininity the saree adorns the wearer with a sense of confidence, grace and poise. The epitome of adaptability and versatility, the saree is one of the central inspirations behind ByGungur designs. How could we not design our own signature version? An item to treasure, if you don’t feel called to wear it, you can use it to decorate your home or sacred space.


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