Bagru dress black

Bagru dress black


Fabric from India, sewn in Barcelona

The ByGungur Bagru dress is a striking, highly original piece of fusion design. A multi use wrap dress that mixes two of the most iconic pieces of traditional clothing, the saree and the kimono.

The saree and the kimono are admired and respected the world over for their timeless style that never goes out of fashion, for their adaptability and their versatility. The ByGungur Bagru dress combines design concepts and elements of both these traditional garments to create a supremely elegant and stylish look.

As with all ByGungur designs the Bagru Dress is adaptable, it can be adjusted to give the perfect fit to any body shape. Flattering and feminine it’s a versatile wrap dress that can be worn different ways. Dress it up for special events or wear it casually, the perfect example of everyday elegance.

The Bagru dress stands out not only for the unique fusion design but also for the print and pattern of the fabric, cotton sarees made using the Bagru block print technique, a traditional Indian block printing method which uses natural dyes and hand cut stamps. Each dress is hand made, cut, stitched, and stamped by artisans in India, making the Bagru Dress an authentic, one of a kind piece of handicraft. Make it yours today.

Blockprint stamping technique:

The Bagru print is handmade using natural colours that come from the city of Bagru in Rajasthan India. Blockprint, a single stamp method of printing, uses hand carved blocks of wood. Designs are drawn on the blocks which are then cut by hand. Next they are submerged into colours made from vegetable dyes and stamped onto the fabric. Different blocks are used for different colours. The result is a beautiful, one of a kind product.



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