Ilustrations Ghunghroos

Ilustrations Ghunghroos


Made in Barcelona

In India, the ‘Ghunghroos’ are considered the symbolic sound representing all the classical dances of the subcontinent.

Ghunghroos are not only a beautiful adornment but also the dancer’s own instrument. With every movement of the foot the bells ring, be it a gentle brush or a heavy stamp. Behind each sound the bells make there is a step that has been taught, learnt, and mastered. This is what makes the sound of the ghunghroos one of the most important elements of Indian classical dance. This sound emphasizes the rhythm to which the dancer must keep. When merged fully with the music, marking out the beat with the bells around their feet, the dancer captures the attention of the audience and draws them yet further into the magic of the transcendental art.

To achieve the perfect sound, each bell must be painstakingly added by hand to the rope like textile which the dancer ties with love and devotion to the artfrom around their ankles and feet. Ghunguroos are deeply revered by dancers and musicians alike for the work that is involved in their production, for the quality that they contribute to the artform, and for the symbolism that they represent.

From the way the Ghungeroos are produced, to the purpose for which they are used we see the bells as a perfect representation of the Güngur project. The dream brought to reality of creating beauty, of expressing art, and of maintaining tradition, through dedication and many small but intentioned steps. 


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